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How to treat acne scars- dermatologist reveals the best way

The best way to treat acne scars is to see an expert in the revision of acne scarring. This means a Specialist Doctor who has done training in medicine, then further training in Dermatology or Plastic Surgery, then even more training in the sub- speciality of acne scar revision. Gold Standard acne scar treatment is not about the laser, nor the energy device, nor the Clinic, nor the branch. Your outcome will depend on the manual skills of your specialist.

Top level specialist will always use manual methods such as subcision with Nokor Needles, or Cannula subcision. They will know how to integrate fillers to help with atrophic scars and stimulate collagen. Top tier specialist will know how to use all fillers ranging from Restylane, Boletero, Juvederm, Radiaesse, Sculptra, and many other collagen stimulating fillers in various dilutions according to your skin type. If a specialist does not know how to competently perform Nokor subcision, point subcision, multilevel subcision, fat grafting, filler subcsion, filler augmented filler subcsion they may not be competent In the total art of scar revision. Scar dissection, excision, surgical elevation and TCA CROSS are other manual methods of scar revision.

Lasers and energy devices are merely instruments for top tier specialist. These specialists all well versed in the use of erbium and CO2 fractional lasers- from old fashioned Fraxel RePair through to hybrid lasers, insulated energy devices including Intracel, INFINI micro-needling radiofrequency,Vivace, Intensif and Secret RF. They can also push the limits of Pico lasers, and the extreme of fully ablative CO2 and erbium.

3 tips as to how to find the best scar revision specialist for you. Google Ad’s are great for generic clinics, however the moat specialist will never advertise- they have too much work due to their reputation. I have no problems with my colleagues Google Advertising promises, just as long as they can deliver the results. Tip number two- for an unbiased opinion as to scar revision go to under the acne scars section. Here moderators such as BA, Sirius Lee, and Obi Wan will give you guidance as to what treatments you may benefit from, and who to see. BA is by far the most experienced, and has extensive knowledge in regards to scar revision and who to consult. I am not allowed on this site as I am a Specialist. Last of all, go to and post your questions and photos for Specialist to comment on. Do not send personal messages or photographs, as this site is designed as a community based forum, and not for the benefit of one specialist. All answers should be transparent for the community to see, share, understand and learn. Best advice is to see the before and after photos and READ the logic behind how one gets the result. If possible see 2 Specialists near you and choose the one that you are comfortable with, both when it comes down to their skill level as well as how much they understand scars and your psyche.

Cross reference the Specialist on with and ask for unbiased advice. The community has its limitations. We do not know the reputation nor skill level of every dermatologist or plastic surgeon, however moderators such as BA will have a better understanding than I do. I am here to help you on, though this website has limitations, I can at least have a voice on this site. WHAT I CAN NOT DO IS TO ADVISE YOU ON WHO TO SEE NEAR YOU. I can just comment as accurately as possible on your scars and what actions I would take to treat them. I do respect my fellow Board Certified Specialists, as there are many roads to the same destination. Answers may differ. I respect and learn from every colleague.
Regards, Dr Davin Lim, Laser and procedural dermatologist. Brisbane, Australia. Acne Scar Specialist. Top 1% 2015, 2016, 2017.

NOTE- Dr Lim does NOT provide Skype consults, nor advice on acne scars online. This is because clinical examination involves touch, palpation, real time examination of acne scars, in addition to psychological profiling of each patient. Please refer to for recommendations of acne scar specialist throughout the World. If they are not listed there, it means we do not know of any in YOUR country. Sorry, I cannot help you further than this.

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If you are searching with an effective and efficient acne pill, it is essential to please remember you can find several kinds of products and solutions these days. Therefore, deciding on the best pill is much more difficult compared with you think. You can choose a variety of and also herbal pills, homeopathic treatments and numerous additional treatments, which can be designed to resolve acne related problems.
Having said that, a lot of experts advise people that suffer from various forms regarding acne to consult a dermatologist ahead of investing their funds in a specific acne treatment. This is a extremely important level specifically because only a professional can virtually immediate individuals towards the best option pill for an acne difficulty.

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Getting the Right Pills for Your Acne Some doctors get suggested that just specific pills are capable of handle particular forms of acne, therefore, choosing any kind of pill for your acne variety might be a very bad concept. The reason being a wrong acne pill could be absolutely ineffective. If this is the case, this means that you're going to spend your cash without getting great outcomes. On the other side, if your pill is too powerful, it will also help you to get rid of acne but you may well practical experience some unnecessary side effects. As a result, choosing the right product on your acne type is vital in order to get the best results.

The Importance of Professional Help If you are searching for the best cure supplement, you should keep in mind the physician is the best professional who are able to direct you towards finding a suitable treatment for on your own. The reason for this is that just this expert knows the different types acne and suitable remedies.
Furthermore, just a expert may prescribe the right serving for particular treatments. Another important fact is to make sure that you're taking the medication since it is prescribed by doctors by the consultant. If someone else recommends to you personally a particular acne treatment, you should always consult with an expert just to make sure that it is the right remedie and also the best remedy for anyone.

Selecting any kind of pills for several kinds of health problems can have negative and severe repercussions if not really used with a proper prescription. When you are using any kind of pill for your skin, you need to be ultra wary because just one wrong pill can invite unpredicted side effects on your skin.
Acne is a very uncomfortable disorder for the people whoever have problems with the results of this irritating situation. For many individuals in can be a total embarrassment when it is very serious along with the simplest way would be to reach to the reason behind it's causes and try to find a solution. To take care of acne, you have to take the correct acne pill underneath the supervision of a excellent physician. To find out more and advice, please visit us at
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